5 Essential Questions to Ask When Hiring a Family Business Coach

Do you want to make sure your family business is running as efficiently and successfully as possible? Are you considering hiring a family business coach but don’t know where to start? Look no further! This guide will provide you with the top 5 questions to ask when selecting a family business coach.

What type of coaching approach will you be taking?

A family business coach often has to consider the dynamics of a multi-generational team, familial cultural differences, and relationship tensions when planning their approach. Therefore, it’s important to ask and understand the type of coaching approach they will be taking. Make sure they have an understanding of group dynamics, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking skills when working with the family business.

What tools and tactics do you use to foster team cohesion?

A good family business coach will know how to foster team cohesion and communication within the family. Be sure to ask the coach about their strategy for achieving the best results for the business. Questions you can ask include what kinds of activities or workshops do they use; how have they dealt with challenging interpersonal situations in the past; what kind of follow-up support is available and so on. Ask for details. Don’t just rely on a “yes” or “no” answer.

What specific experience do you have working with family-owned businesses?

Asking the coach about their experience and expertise with family-owned businesses can help you better understand if they are the right fit for your family’s needs. It is important to find a coach that has started, owned, or advised family-owned businesses in the past as they may have insight into potential issues you might need to watch out for in your own business.

Will you be honest and direct in your communications?

Your family business coach needs to be comfortable being open and honest with people. They can’t beat around the bush. You are probably looking to hire a family business coach because there are communication issues in your family. Your coach needs to be comfortable with handling conflict. It’s important to ask the potential coach if they are comfortable having direct conversations and openly discussing ideas and options going forward. You want to make sure they will be honest with you (and the other family members) about their feedback and provide realistic solutions for your business.

What specific training or education do you have related to working with family-owned businesses?

It’s important to hire a family business coach who is experienced in working with family-owned businesses. Make sure to ask the potential coach about their level of expertise, as this will be critical in helping you make informed decisions throughout the coaching process. Ask them specifically what training or education they have received related to working with family-owned businesses, and how it has impacted their approach to coaching.


There are not many family business coaches here on the U.S. West Coast. Just because someone has a fancy website doesn’t necessarily mean they are good. 
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(This article was written by attorney Paul Deloughery of Sudden Wealth Protection Law.)

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Michael Zolno has an MBA and MA in research psychology and almost 40 years’ experience as a consultant. He is also a co-founder of How to Create a Legacy, LLC.

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