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At How To Create A Legacy, we understand that you want continuity of your family and its wealth.

The problem is that your family is experiencing family conflict, poor communication, and lack of commitment. You don’t know how to bring the family dynamics into balance.

You have tried to resolve the situation in the past. But it’s hard for you (as a participant in the family dynamics) to bring about change. We believe wealth and business should stay in the family for the benefit of future generations and others.

As parents and professional advisors, we’ve experienced what it means to deal with family conflict. We formed this company because we saw a need to deal with family dynamics when it comes to family continuity and wealth.

That’s why we are Arizona’s leading family business advisors to business-owning families that want to sustain their enterprise over multiple generations.

Here's how we do it




We are Arizona’s leading family business advisors to business-owning families that want to sustain their enterprise over multiple generations.

We work with the owners of family business in helping them pass on their assets – wealth and more importantly family values to their descendants – so that the family business and the family can thrive and grow. 

The key component is the process of creating a system of governance – rules and policies – that will guide the family and their relationship with their business and wealth.

Michael Zolno

Michael Zolno has an MBA and MA in Research Psychology – primarily working in communications behavior. He spent almost 10 years in social services where he facilitated groups, did family therapy, conducted research projects and designed programs. During this period, he received extensive training in group facilitation and family therapy, well over a thousand hours.

Michael has almost 40 years’ experience as a consultant. Working with a variety of clients (sample list): Bio-Chemistry Lab, NAVILCO (Navy Supply), AT&T, Scott Paper, Helene Curtis, a Banking Association, Motorola, Bell Labs, Illinois Bell, BASF, Robotics Co., Corning, Abbott Labs, DOW, NSA, and D.C. Emergency Services.

As family business advisors, we take an all-encompassing holistic approach that is based upon a broad range of experiences and learning that unifies the family aspects, the family business aspects and how the two are inter-related. We stress that fact that solutions work in the here and now and at the same time guide the family into the future by staying proactive and adaptive. Solutions for who you are today and what you can become. A constant awareness of the appropriate balance between the Family and the Family Business.

Our mission is simple. We work with owners of businesses with revenue greater than $10M. Our ideal clients are courageous and open to change to discover how to set their families up for multi-generational success.

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