Do You Want Continuity of Your Family and Its Assets?

Get proven family business consulting help to pass your values to your children and grandchildren.


Prepare Future Generations

Ongoing Personalized Consulting

Wealth and Legacy
Transfer Plan

Prepare Future Generations

Ongoing Personalized Consulting

Wealth and Legacy Transfer Plan

Successful Families Have Certain Attributes

Family Code of Honor

Legacy for Future Generations

You want to create a legacy for future generations that is centered around family values, life lessons, skills, and the family’s history, while preserving the family’s wealth.

Get A System

To do that, you need a system of family governance and conflict resolution. Having a will or a trust and a financial plan is not enough.

Ongoing Consulting

Long-lasting family legacies are not created with a transaction. It takes creating a relationship with the family and a process.

At How To Create A Legacy, we believe that it’s crucial for future generations to receive the life lessons and values developed by you and your family.

That’s why we help financially successful families develop structures for governing themselves both now and in the future.

Here's how we do it




Avoid family conflict and instead get your family’s commitment for continuity of the family and its assets.

We are Arizona’s leading provider of outside family business  consulting services to business-owning families that want to sustain their enterprise over multiple generations.

In the meantime

Learn the 10 attributes of successful multi-generational family business owners.

So, you can rest assured knowing your family has the ability to make decisions about its business and other assets, and that your family has made a commitment to work together.

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